Did you know that Mina, NV is the OFF ROAD CAPITAL OF MINERAL COUNTY NEVADA and has over 500 hundred miles of off road ATV trails and Mineral County has over 1000 miles of trails and roads.  There are trails for the most experienced and trails for the first timer.  There are trails for those that want to go fast and there are trails for those that want to wander and take in the beauty of Nevada.  There are trails and roads for SUV's, for dirt bikes, for Quads and for hiking.  There are backroads and 4 wheel drive trails.  Mina is surrounded by BLM land and this means that this land belongs to you the public.  Forget about "No Trespassing" signs, barbed wire and locked gates, we have VERY few.  We only ask that you take nothing and leave only footprints (or wheel tracks) and stay on recognized trails or roads.

In the mountains and canyons surrounding Mina there is an abundance of wildlife for those willing to seek them out.  The ghost towns of Candelaria, Marietta, Belleville and others are within a few miles. There are abandon mining camps, too numerous to count.  

If you enjoy any of the following, then you need to visit Mina, Nevada.

    ATV riding without boundaries

    Driving or riding offroad

    Watching wildlife silently grazing on meager sage and rabbit brush

    Wandering among ancient Indian Petrogylphs

    Marveling at the labors of miners that worked so hard

    Exploring the rugged shelters that miners slept in

    Imagining yourself living in the humble cabins and homes that families lived in 

    Rock hunting

    Gazing at a beautiful night sky and star watching

    Sharing stories around a campfire with old and new friends

Mina is a small, bent and sagging community located in Mineral County Nevada about 33 miles southeast of Hawthorne, NV on Nevada Highway 95.  We are ATV friendly and our 500 miles of trails and roads go through beautiful canyons and to mountain top vista's that are spectacular.  Are you looking for a quiet, peaceful, uncrowded and friendly place to spend your ATV or offroad vacation.  MINA is it!